LOSFEE established the architecture firm in 1983 and was joined by landscape architect Kiyohito Tamotsu in
2007 after returning from overseas.
With him, we started the firm as proponents of a new
wave of environmentally focused architecture, landscape architecture and product designs which are
framed within modernist design approach.
Drawing on the diverse inhouse team with expertise in
architecture, landscape architecture, urban design,
horticulture, urban ecology and construction we cross
traditional design boundaries scoped 4 design aspects:
social, function, ecology and economy.
Our designers engage the clients and the new technologies we embrace to solve complex urban and
environmental issues. Our one of the design innovations is Fractal Shade "COMOLEVI" which is awarded JAPAN GOOD DESIGN GOLD AWARD.


Design Innovations
for next generation

​By using the power of design, we will create a better cities for future children.


Go To Travel Campaign


What is Go To Travel Campaign?

The Go to Travel campaign is a Japanese government subsidy encouraging domestic travel to help boost the economy.

It also aims to bring business back to local tourism and hospitality operators, many of whom were forced to close during

the Covid-19 state of emergency.

More questions?

+81 3-3548-0540(untill 7/31)


Please Ask Japan Tourism Agency for Go To Campaign

For Users of Condo "Villa Funny and Rila"


We are making every possible effort to secure your stay at our Condos 

For additional precautions for your stay, We would like you to do as follows;

①Please wash the dishes and other cooking equipment before you use. 

②Please Use the paper towels instead of using towels.

③Please use thermometer if necessary.


④Please Gargling and hand washing when you return to your Condo.


⑤Please wear the Masks as much as possible.


⑥Please use netted screen door for ventilation.


Please enjoy your stay with beautiful scenery of Amami Island.

Short Movie of Comolevi Fractal Shade


Please click to the link below.

To customers of Condos: Villa Funny and Villa Rila


The outbreak of COVID-19 has an ongoing affect on us, even in the island of Amami.

We need to cooperate as much as possible, understanding each other's challenges and treating everyone with respect and integrity.

We, our staff in the island always wear the masks and face-shields for your safety.

Mitigation Heat Stress for Workers.


We provide Comolevi Fractal Shade for workers in the construction sites and outdoor "workation". 


​Architecture / Landscape / Comolevi Fractal Shade / Condos

As the problem solvers an designers, we challenge the wide variety of the projects.



Villa Funny
Villa Rila


​Environmental Product design





Private Garden

Hospitals, Healing Garden

Green Roofs, Vertical Green,

Interior Green, Urban landscape,

​Garden for Factory, Streets, Parks,

​Vacant Lot, Parking Lot






Businees Hours


Open Mon-Fri:9:00〜17:00
Close Sat, Sun and Public Holidays


+81 80 3435 6316 (LOSFEE TOKYO OFFICE)


Please contact us about:

Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Comolevi

Losfee Resort - Condos: Villa Funny and VIlla Rila

Tokyo Office 1201-3-1 Youka-machi, Hachioji Tokyo 1920071

+81 80 3435 6316

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